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Up until recently, owners have always had to take their pet to a veterinary practice if they require treatment. Now there's a new era of veterinary care available, where the vet comes to you, rather than the other way around.

So what exactly is a home visit service? What can you expect during your appointment?

Read below to find out!

A home visit service:

calm and convenient veterinary care at home

Above: cats can get very stressed being loaded into a carrier and being travelled to the vets. Waiting in a busy reception can cause further anxiety and stress. A home visit service completely removes the need for cages, travel and long anxious waits in reception. Olive, pictured above, is much happier receiving care from the comfort of her own couch! 

We see lots of dogs at home for a variety of reasons. Normally it's to avoid the stress of a vet visit, or added convenience for the owner, who can sit back and relax knowing their dog is in safe hands.

Have friends or family with pets?

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What does Scourfield Veterinary Services do?

We provide home visits for dogs and cats in South London. This means on booking an appointment, a qualified veterinary surgeon will come to your home or office address, to provide healthcare services for your pet.

What healthcare services can we provide?

Anything and everything to care for your pets medical needs! This can include routine health checks, microchipping, vaccinations (including rabies), pet passports, claw clipping and expressing anal glands.

If you pet has a health problem we can also treat them at home. We commonly examine and treat animals at home with the following conditions: skin infections, skin wounds, ear and eye infections, problems with vomiting or diarrhoea, limping, torn claws, coughing, checking lumps, decrease in appetite or weight loss. We can also care for pets with chronic conditions which need to be monitored, such as diabetes, hyperthyroidism and kidney disease. The list really is endless!

What is the cost of a home visit?

A consultation at home is £75. This includes the home visit and a full health check. Most of our appointments take a minimum of 30 minutes, but there is no set time limit. The vet will spend as long as they need in order to examine your pet, advise you fully, discuss all options and provide any testing or treatment that is required. We kindly ask for payment at the time of the appointment, and can accept any credit or debit card.

When are appointments available?

We always aim to provide a flexible, convenient service for clients. We are open 8:30am-6pm Monday to Friday, and pre-booked appointments are also available on Saturday morning. However, we frequently see clients outside of these times. We are happy to organise an early morning or late evening appointment. We have also seen clients on a Sunday or bank holiday, please just ensure you book this in during our normal opening hours. Please note such appointments are subject to an additional fee.

24/7 emergency care is available for all of our registered clients; please see the 'Emergency/OOH' section on our website. 

Will my pet be treated at the time of the appointment?

YES! Our vet will be carrying a full pharmacy of medication with them. This includes medications for pain, anti-inflammatories and antibiotics to name a few. Any medication recommended by the vet will be left with you at the time of the appointment. Injectable medication will also be given if this is appropriate for your pet. 

My pet needs a blood test, is this possible?

YES! We can provide a full range of diagnostic services. This includes blood tests, checking lumps (cytology), skin testing, blood pressure, plus faecal and urine testing.

What if my pet needs surgery, or hospitalisation?

As a home visit service we are obviously unable to do any surgical procedures that require general anaesthetic at home. If the vet feels this is necessary for your pet, we will organise referral to one of our partner practises in London. This is a simple process, that the vet will guide you through.

We will often carry out procedures under sedation at home. This can include removal of small lumps, skin biopsies, stitching up wounds, and flushing ears or anal glands. The vet will advise you if your pet requires any such procedure. 

What happens if I need my pet put to sleep at home?

We appreciate this is a very difficult time for all owners. We have created a page with further information regarding euthanasia at home, which can be seen here.